Technical Video Production

Our manufacturing video specialism means that we are experienced in creating technical video in industries such as manufacturing, construction and new technology.

Working with some of the biggest brands in the UK including Balfour Beatty, Make UK and Amazon means that we have a broad experience of capturing machinery, processes and factories and plants. This means we can ensure that they appear in the best possible light.

Our experience of working in these types of environments means that we can work in whatever the conditions allow us to, to get the best results. You may already know what your video needs or you may want us to work with your team. However you want your video to progress then we can make it happen.

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Our video editing element can add motion graphics and animation, on screen captions, music, subtitles and whatever else is required to complete your marketing video. We also work with external partners to find grants and funding within these industries towards sourcing funding and financial contributions to the cost of making the manufacturing videos.

Need a quote?

We’re always ready to provide a quote. Reach out to us, and we’ll start our process to learn more about your project. Following that, we’ll prepare a quotation specifically for you.

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