Mitchell Remes

chocolate, tapas, red wine, cycling, whisky, piano, beer, documentaries, flying, beach, trainers, Barcelona, Rome, walking, reading, biscuits, movies, curry, tea, French cinema, moaning

Adam Snelleksz

family, football, basketball, sport, 24, food, travel, music, Rocky, Michael Jordan, Blues, friends, nights out, nights in, films, games, talking, silence, old, new, video, Superman, Impractical Jokers, stuff

Jack Buck

Cinematography, editing, film, music, BASS, annoying, games,stupid, Number 3, Obi Wan, War Of The Worlds, Hunger Games, Theory Of Everything, music production, Anime, chilli

Rob Lawrence

technology, travelling, camera stuff, movies, smell of gas , creativity, alcohol, music, brian cox, marvel, cinematography , awkwardness, directing, photography, art, food, cats, random switches, feeling after sneezing

Leon Deakin

ice cream, lego, rollercoasters, marketing, history, reading, data, art, design, gadgets, food, austin powers, the beatles, kevin & perry go large, david guetta, gifs, algorithms, national trust

Dan Charlton

fish keeping, marketing, haribos, old cameras, diy, travelling, cool handshakes, music, cider, reading, museums, art, gardening, film, goats, wearing glasses to look smart

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