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Aerial Services in Birmingham

At CMA Video, based in Birmingham, UK, we offer top-tier drone videography and aerial filming services. Our professional team is equipped with advanced drone technology, capturing stunning aerial footage that elevates your projects to new heights. Whether you need aerial shots for promotional videos, events, real estate, or construction site monitoring, CMA Video delivers exceptional quality and creative solutions tailored to your needs.

Drone shot inside the mailbox with retail stores on the left and right.

Uses of Drone Videography

Drone videography is versatile and can be utilised in various sectors. It is ideal for capturing weddings, concerts, sports events, and festivals from unique aerial perspectives. In real estate, it showcases properties, providing potential buyers with comprehensive views of the location. For construction sites, it helps monitor progress, inspect sites, and document construction phases. The tourism and travel industry can promote destinations with breathtaking aerial views, and businesses can create impactful promotional videos for marketing and advertising.

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Why Choose Drone Services?

Drone services provide unparalleled perspectives and dynamic visuals that traditional filming cannot achieve. They are perfect for capturing vast landscapes, intricate architectural details, and live events. Choosing drone services ensures high-quality footage, as our drones are equipped with the latest cameras, providing crisp, clear, and high-resolution videos. It is a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for expensive equipment like helicopters and cranes. Additionally, drones offer flexibility and versatility, accessing tight spaces and shooting from various angles, which results in creative and unique shots.

Runners in a crop circle in an ariel view

What Are the Limits on Drone Filming in the UK?

In the UK, drone filming is regulated to ensure safety and privacy. Operators must have a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved license. Drones are not allowed to fly in no-fly zones such as airports and military bases without special permission. There are altitude limits, and drones must not exceed a height of 120 metres (400 feet). The drone must remain within the visual line of sight of the operator. Moreover, operators must respect privacy laws and avoid flying over private properties without consent.

Screenshot of a drone clip from a video produced by cma video.

Drone Filming Prices

Our pricing for drone videography and aerial filming services is competitive and tailored to fit various project scales and budgets.

We offer hourly rates, ideal for small projects and events. For extensive shoots, we have half-day and full-day packages that offer better value. Additionally, we provide custom packages for long-term projects like construction site monitoring or documentary filming.

Contact us for a detailed quote based on your specific needs and requirements.

Drone shot horses riding around track

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