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Capture your audience’s attention with an engaging animated video.
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Animation Services in Birmingham

Nestled in the bustling heart of Birmingham and extending our services nationwide, CMA Video stands as your go-to expert for animation video. 

We specialise in creating animated videos that help businesses, public entities, and non-profits attract new clients, boost sales, and enhance awareness through compelling animation. Whether it’s a 2D animated explainer, a motion graphics brand film, or a whiteboard animation for your social media, we’ll find the perfect format to convey your message.

Why Choose Animation?

Animation offers a unique and creative way to showcase your company, product, or service. Unlike other video types, animated videos allow you to visually represent abstract ideas and are especially effective for explaining new products or technical processes.

With digital production, there’s no need for actors, props, or multiple filming locations. Animated marketing videos can also be easily translated into multiple languages.

Animation video in birmingham
Animation video in birmingham

Why CMA Video for Animation Projects?

Before diving into your animation project, we take the time to understand your goals. This ensures we create the right creative concept to achieve your objectives. We handle every aspect of production, from concepts, scripting, and storyboarding to animation, music, voiceovers, and sound production. Our commitment extends beyond video delivery; we also assist with distribution to ensure maximum reach.

Animation Tips

  • Aim for 30-90 seconds to keep your content concise, engaging, and your budget in check.
  • Use conversational language and short sentences with fewer words exceeding three syllables.
  • Incorporate sound effects to bring your concepts to life.
  • Seek inspiration from videos you like to develop a unique concept.
Animation video in birmingham

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