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Build your brand with a company promotional video.

company promotional video,Promotional Video

Branded & Promo Services in Birmingham

Nestled in the bustling heart of Birmingham and extending our services nationwide, CMA Video stands as your go-to expert for branded promotional video content. A company promotional video is a great resource if you want to promote your business. It builds a relationship with your client and requires well-crafted storytelling.

Our videos serve as a powerful storytelling tool, allowing you to showcase the essence of your event, business, or products with compelling visuals. We bring a fresh perspective, weaving a narrative that captivates and engages viewers, leaving a lasting impression.

What to include in a promotional video?

Your company’s promotional video could include staff interviews, client testimonials, vibrant case studies, and dynamic graphics. Alternatively, you can showcase your services and products using visually striking shots set to music. As an Birmingham video production company, we advise keeping the video duration under 2 minutes for optimal online engagement.
company promotional video,Promotional Video
Screenshot of a promotional video clip from a video produced by CMA Video.

How to use your company promotional video

Your company’s promotional video can be a game-changer:
  • Put a cool video at the top of your website. People like websites with videos—they stay 88% longer!
  • Use your video at presentations, pitches, trade shows, and parties. It looks super impressive on big screens.
  • Share your video on Facebook and other places. And add words at the bottom for folks who don’t turn on the sound.
  • Share the video in emails using a link. Just add “video” to your email subject, and more people will open it—by 30%!

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Promotional Video Examples

Play Video about Screenshot of a promotional video clip from a video produced by CMA Video.