Women in Tech Awards Nominees​

Women in Tech Awards Nominees​

We were engaged by the Women in Tech Awards to create a preview video for social media featuring the finalists of the awards, highlighting their achievements and building excitement ahead of the event.

The Brief

Our mission was to create an engaging preview video for the Women in Tech Awards, designed specifically for social media. The objective was twofold: first, to introduce and celebrate the finalists, and second, to build anticipation for the inaugural awards ceremony. The challenge lay in encapsulating the nominees’ achievements within the tech industry while maintaining a consistent and visually appealing format. To achieve this, we utilized a minimalist backdrop and had each nominee speak directly to the camera, responding to a uniform set of questions. This video was strategically positioned as shareable content, encouraging nominees and their networks to promote the Women in Tech Awards, a crucial endeavor for the event’s debut year in the tech industry.

The Result

women in tech awards
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Our approach was elegantly simple. Each nominee was filmed against a backdrop banner, speaking directly to the camera about their thoughts on the awards. Our interviewer posed uniform questions to each nominee, ensuring consistency in their responses. Designed for social media distribution, the video encouraged nominees and their followers to share it, effectively promoting the upcoming awards. This was particularly crucial for the inaugural Women in Tech awards, as it played a pivotal role in spreading the word about the event and generating enthusiasm within the tech community.

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