Why Professional Videos Demand Proper Cameras Over Smartphones

Person Holding Smartphone

Smartphones have undoubtedly revolutionized the way we capture and share moments. But what about creating really important business videos? Can a smartphone handle that? Well, the good news is that you can absolutely use your trusty smartphone to capture videos for your business. Whether it’s recording interviews or showing behind-the-scenes action, smartphones are fantastic for making content that you can share online and get people interested. However, when it comes to making serious business videos, you might want to think about using something a bit more pro.

Sensor Size

Let’s talk about the size of the thing in your phone that actually captures the video. It’s called a sensor, and in most smartphones, it’s pretty small. Now, think about the sensor in a proper video camera – it’s much bigger. This size difference affects how much light the sensor can pick up and how detailed your videos will be. Bigger sensors, like the ones in professional cameras, can capture better quality images, especially in tricky lighting.

Lens Options

Have you ever wished you could change the lens on your phone’s camera? Well, with most smartphones, you’re stuck with the lens that comes with the phone. Pro cameras, on the other hand, let you pick from lots of different lenses. This means you can get really creative with how your videos look and have more control over the final result.

Built for Purpose

Smartphones are designed to do lots of things, and shooting top-quality video is just one of them. Professional cameras, though, are made specifically for making videos. They’re built to be tough, easy to use, and have all the features you need to make really great videos.

Control of Device

When you’re shooting a video on your phone, you might have noticed that you can’t change as many settings as you’d like. Pro cameras let you adjust loads of things, like how bright the video is and what’s in focus. This means you can get the exact look you want for your video.

So, while smartphones are awesome for everyday videos, when it comes to making really important business videos, it’s worth thinking about using a proper camera. They might be a bit bigger and more complicated, but they’re made to give you the best possible results. Not ready to invest in your own equipment? That’s okay! For most businesses, it doesn’t make sense to hire an in-house creative which is why video production companies are important to levelling up your business. Read our blog post on How to Find a Good Video Production Company for you.

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