When You Just Can’t Talk About It


There are some things in life that are just too awkward or painful to talk about. It might be too difficult to bring up or the audience doesn’t want to hear about it or there might not be an appropriate way to say whatever it that needs to be said but sometimes you still have to get the message over.

It can be all kinds of things from death and illnesses to sensitive charity causes right through to taboo subjects in society. This is where a well crafted video production can really help you out.

First of all you only have to say it once. Once its recorded then its done so those cringing moments and awkward phrases only have to be said for one time only and you never have to utter the words again. You can simply play the video every time after that and relax knowing that your work is done.

Secondly, you can get your message across remotely. You can direct people to the video on your website or You Tube channel so the viewer can watch it in their own comfortable environment. Now, not only are your blushes spared but also your viewer or customer’s are too. This makes it easier for people to watch if they are in control of how and where they view it.

Thirdly, you can present key messages in different ways.  Animation is a great way to convey a controversial or sensitive issue as it helps the viewer to detach themselves from the real life situation. Using cartoon figures or animated images can get a message across in a way that transcends the real life element to it and people find it easier to take in. This video by children’s charity, Childline is a perfect example of this in action.

Finally, its great to show other people that have gone through whatever the situation is.  If you can get willing volunteers to talk about their similar experiences then your viewer is much more likely to relate to and be engaged by your marketing video.  Using it as a kind of testimonial video is an ideal way to show empathy with your viewer.

Sometimes, whether we like it or not, some things need to be out in the open for things to change or improve or actually help people and make a difference. There are times when face to face conversations are just the best and most appropriate way of dealing with things but for some topics a well made video or animation can really bridge the gap between the communicator and the viewer.

It automatically lends itself to subjects aimed at young people because of the medium and the way that that particular demographic consume information but don’t discount it for other target audiences too. This animation video tackles a particularly sensitive issue for men of all ages but probably more for those over 40.  Can you imagine the image below being shown in real life?!!

Play Video

Using imagery like this in an animation style video makes it more acceptable to show and to watch as the ‘edge’ is taken off the subject matter. Why do you think TV shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons get away with some of the things they do?!  Somehow its easier to take from Homer Simpson than it is from a real life person.

So if you have an awkward or sensitive subject, consider a marketing video to communicate your message and you’ll soon feel a lot better about broaching the subject!

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