West Midlands Police Video Project

West Midlands Police Video Project

A video project to demonstrate the work that the West Midlands Police Violence Reduction Unit is undertaking is the latest job that our production team are working on.  The video project is showcasing the work that the VRU is doing across the region which includes workshops and seminars along with interviewing key figures from the partner organisations involved in the programme.  The overall objective of the videos is to highlight the backstory, philosophy, ambitions and achievements of the VRU and the stakeholders who are making it happen.

There are three versions of the video that we are creating for the VRU, each version has a different use in the launch and promotion of the project.  We will be creating a short version for social media use while two longer versions will be utilised at the media launch of the programme as well as a specially planned conference.

To win the tender, we provided a proposal that dealt with how to approach the video project and how we would ensure that the desired outcomes of the VRU nad West Midlands Police would be achieved.  After a series of discussions and idea generation sessions we agreed on an approach that would capture all of the relevant information and imagery in the best possible way.

Our video production team has travelled across the West Midlands from the Police Headquarters in Birmingham city centre through to evening projects and community sessions in the Black Country to capture the key stakeholders involved.  Some of the filming has proved to be challenging with regards to who is being filmed and keeping identities secret and we have had to produce filming permission forms for the groups that we have visited.  Having produced and managed these for a number of clients on other video projects, it was something that our production team is more than familiar with.

Filming included young people who have benefitted from the programme, key figures in the delivery of the programme from community leaders to the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, David Jamieson.  Some of the sessions have been at martial arts classes, health and wellbeing groups and doctor’s surgeries.  Most importantly for the VRU was the short deadline with which they required us to complete the video project.  We were given a three week window from briefing to completion to get everything filmed and edited for the launch campaign.  Something that we achieved while working closely with the team at the VRU.

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