west midlands pa awards

Client: PA Awards

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We were tasked with capturing the vibrant essence of the West Midlands PA Awards, the flagship event of the West Midlands PA Forum, through event filming. The brief was to document this premier event, which acknowledges the accomplishments of professional Personal Assistants (PAs) and features captivating entertainment. Our mission was to comprehensively cover the event, from the dynamic entertainment segments to the poignant award presentations, all while capturing the event’s infectious and exhilarating atmosphere.

Our event filming produced a compelling video that beautifully captured the essence of the West Midlands PA Awards. This video now serves as a powerful tool, encouraging more PAs to join the forum, increasing participation in future awards, and attracting sponsors for upcoming events. By showcasing the event’s vibrant atmosphere and sense of camaraderie, the video effectively communicates the value of being part of the West Midlands PA Forum and participating in the prestigious PA Awards. It stands as a testament to the event’s success, contributing to its continued growth and impact.

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