Website Banner Video Projects


The CMA Video production team are increasingly working on corporate video productions in the form of website banner video projects.  The video headers are usually featured as a background video behind text, logos and the general information on a website.

The trend for large scale video on websites is increasing all of the time, as internet speeds increase and browser technology improves the scope for a website banner video is increasing all of the time. Our team have found that one of the secrets is colour correction in the editing process to ensure that the website banner video doesn’t detract from the text on the page but is still striking enough to catch the website visitor’s eye.  A lighter video with darker text or conversely a darker video with light text is a simple way to emphasise the key elements of the video and the website itself.

Websites like Answer The Public and Coulee Creative use creative website banner video as an engaging and almost entertaining element of their websites. Not only are they design features on the sites but they are also excellent as a representation of the company demonstrating their quirky, creative personalities within the business.

Its not always appropriate to feature a website banner video for some industry websites and in addition, the style of the video must be suitable to the company. Our work on these projects has generally told a story that relates to the company. In some cases, such as FLR Group, the video demonstrates the story of the company and highlights of the company history. The video features Jeff Walker, the company’s founder, awards that Jeff and the business have won and the fitting of a flooring surface amongst other things. The full video in the context of the website home page can be viewed here.

From a slightly different point of view, our website banner video with an education recruitment company told the story of a candidate first engaging with the company through to the end result of working with them.

Another example is our video for the McAlpine Plumbing website which demonstrates the key messages of the business which were the ease of fitting, ordering and delivery of their plumbing products. This website banner video is all about subtlety and subliminal messaging of what the company does as a plumbing supplies business to the trade.

The reality is that there is no set rule to the style of a website banner video as long as it is fitting to the website and the business. One thing we would definitely recommend is not to include audio on the video. Our research and experience has found that website visitors do engage with the videos but find unrequested audio extremely intrusive and annoying. If you can get away with it and you find that it fits the personality of your company, a quirky and offbeat video is ideal as an eye-catching and engaging first point of contact but following the example of our aforementioned clients and showing a story relating to the business is also really effective.

We also think that a full screen website banner video works well as it creates an impact to the visitor when they initially land on the page but, again, this does not have to be the case if your website is not suitable for this.

Finally there are plenty of options available for creating a video website header, if you choose to use stock footage then clearly it will be generic looking and not necessarily relate to you and your business.

Working with a company like us means that you can film exactly what you want in your own surroundings and be creative enough to capture your company’s personality and culture. It may cost more but it will give you what you want and really send a message to your website visitors when they land on your page. Just as a side note, don’t discount the idea of using animation in your video too.

If you’d like more information about how we can work with you to create a homepage video then contact us here to see how we can help.

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