Web Video Production Case Study For Valpak

Web Video Production Case Study For Valpak

As part of our ongoing video production service for Valpak, our production team travelled to Cambridge to produce a web video production case study about battery recycling in the city.  The project featured a partnership between Valpak, the Co-Op and bike courier company, Zedify.  The innovative scheme utilises the bike couriers that Zedify sends out on the streets of Cambridge every day to collect old batteries from Co-Op stores and return them to the recycling point at their depot.

Our work with Valpak was to speak to the key stakeholders from Zedify and Valpak itself to explain what the project is and how it works.  Specifically a web video production, the case study will be distributed via social media and sit on the Valpak website.

The crew filmed firstly at a Co-Op store in Cambridge to demonstrate the battery recycling collection process.  Like many environmental video productions, it detailed what the issues are and how the scheme can help to rectify it.  Areas such as how the battery recycling process will work with existing Zedify cyclists were covered as well as a demonstration of a battery collection.

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The second part of the filming day saw us travel to the Zedify depot to capture the second part process of the process, demonstrating how the batteries will be disposed of.  The interviews with the key stakeholders in the project were also interviewed here to get an overview of what the project is about.   The environmental video is being made to not only demonstrate the groundbreaking work that Valpak undertakes but also as a showcase of how two companies with no obvious connections can pool their resources to create an initiative that benefits the environment.  It’s a series of web video production projects that we have undertaken for Valpak that documents some of the innovative and industry leading projects that they are working on.  The video slots into an overall video marketing strategy that also includes video content based around the staff who work there, animation videos demonstrating their products and events that they stage.

We have worked with the marketing team at Valpak to create a series of videos that cover a lot of elements of their business to help to communicate to new and existing clients.  Both short and long form content based around partnerships that they have developed, conferences and seminars that they organise and initiatives that they have created has led to a broad range of video marketing content that covers their entire business.  To work with us on your social media video content or video marketing strategy, contact us here and we’ll be happy to talk through our video production services.

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