Warwick Castle Sizzle Reel​

Warwick Castle Sizzle Reel​

We were commissioned by Warwick Castle to produce a captivating sizzle reel, combining location filming and post-production, to encapsulate the essence of a visit to Warwick Castle.

The Brief

Our task was to infuse a sense of drama into the Knight’s Village, the latest attraction at Warwick Castle, while showcasing the diverse elements of a Warwick Castle visit.

The Result

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The result was a dynamic and dramatic short-form video that effectively served as an online advertisement for both Warwick Castle and the Knight’s Village development. This video found its home on the attraction’s website and social media channels, doubling as paid content. Additionally, it played a role in email communications with visitors when they booked their trips, offering an enticing glimpse into the Castle’s magic and allure.

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