Virtual Open Day Creates Online Event For Apprenticeship Organisation

Virtual Open Day Creates Online Event For Apprenticeship Organisation

As the nationwide lockdown continues to affect businesses of all types we have been working with Make UK to create a virtual open day to showcase their services. In normal circumstances, Make Uk would hold an open day during national apprenticeship week but as this wasn’t possible, they approached us to create a virtual open day instead. At first we explored the possibility of live streaming the open day allowing viewers to log on and interact with the event by asking questions and viewing the 30 minute broadcast. However after some discussions with our creative team it was decided that the event would be pre-recorded and then broadcast as live at a set time. Our creative team suggested this as a more cost effective option and also it allows for the issues that live broadcasts bring with them, in addition we had experience from a similar event after working on the PA Awards in 2020.

The filming involved a virtual tour of the Make Uk facilities along with interviews with key tutors and some of the apprentices. The simple premise was to recreate in the virtual open day exactly what would happen in a normal open day. During national apprenticeship week there would normally be two events – an open day aimed at potential apprentices and another open day aimed at employers to take on apprentices.

Our production team filmed some elements that could be used in both videos and then worked on the specific parts that were unique to each video too. 

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The only challenge was filming in an environment affected by social distancing but we were able to use library footage of the facility to show what it looked like as fully functional with people in it.

The videos were broadcast on a streaming platform at the advertised date and the audience on the Make UK database were all sent an invite to the virtual open day but in addition there was also extensive promotion on social media to gain more viewers.

This virtual open day represents one of a few options of bringing events online while it is difficult for events to take place.  The is pre-recorded option proves to be a more cost effective way of producing an event or a show compared to a live broadcast.  Both are viable options but there are significant differences in infrastructure and cost.  To find out more about our virtual event services either as live streaming or pre-recorded events, contact us for details.

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