Video Presentation for West Midlands Police Commissioner

Video Presentation for West Midlands Police Commissioner
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The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (WMPCC) is using a video presentation to address issues affecting community/police relations and how to improve them.  Looking specifically at the police’s powers for Stop and Search, the WMPCC commissioned CMA Video to interview the Commissioner – David Jamieson and the deputy Commissioner – Yvonne Mosquito, to find out what the plans were to improve community relations and address the concerns around the Stop and Search policy.

Their video presentation looks at how to communicate actions such as the Stop and Search scrutiny panels involving members of the public and police officers.  It forms one element of an overall marketing strategy which also includes online panels and involvement with young people.

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The video is also being used to demonstrate the co-operative work that West Midlands Police is undertaking with young people to improve community relations.  Featuring young people who are involved in the Stop and Search panels, the video is an ideal way to engage with the WMPCC’s target audience and it helps to communicate what the aims of the project are in a medium that appeals to young people.  The video presentation will be used to demonstrate the work that is being done in this area and we have created a version that can be easily embedded into a PowerPoint presentation.

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