Video Training With The Warwick Castle Marketing Team

Video Training With The Warwick Castle Marketing Team

Having worked with many brands across the Merlin Group including Sea Life, Legoland and The Dungeons we extended our portfolio of work with Warwick Castle recently.  Our production team filmed a seasonal promotional video earlier this year and now we have educated the marketing team there with our video training programme.

We were approached by Warwick Castle’s marketing department earlier in the year regarding video equipment and our expert advice on what they should buy to create their own social media videos. Our video production team looked at everything from the best laptop for editing purposes, the most suitable video camera, editing software and audio equipment.  Once the team at Warwick Castle had agreed to our recommendations, we purchased the equipment and booked in a training programme so that they could begin using it.

Trainer front of RoomOur extensive video training programme included how to set up basic shots including framing, focusing and looking at light configuration as well as working on audio and filming in different scenarios.  In addition the video training also encompassed editing and some tip and techniques to create social media videos as well as other types of promotional video.

After their video training, the marketing team were well prepared and ready to go and create their own marketing videos leaving us to work on their bigger, more complex corporate video production projects.

CMA Video marketing director Adam Snelleksz said:

“While some may see this as counter productive to empower our clients with the skills and equipment to make video themselves we don’t see this at all.  By offering advice and video training to our clients it means that they can produce videos in a professional and polished style for those ‘off the cuff’ moments that spring up.  Sometimes things happen that can’t be arranged days or weeks in advance and they need to be filmed immediately on the spot so giving the team at Warwick Castle the video training to do this means that they can capture these moments and produce a professional looking video.”

Learners Chatting

The CMA Video production team have advised many organisations on similar projects including green screen kits for schools and other marketing departments on how to produce in house corporate video. We also work on video distribution with our video marketing service and can advise on how to get the best from your videos – even if we haven’t made them.  This helps companies really see the benefits of video marketing and video strategy and help to produce a good ROI on their video investment.

Our video training also extends to media training too and we work with several companies on delivering media training to businesses and individuals particularly focusing on mock up TV interviews and helping delegates watch their performance back and assessing what they have said and how they have reacted.

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