Pros And Cons Of Video On Instagram

Pros And Cons Of Video On Instagram

Video on Instagram is huge and forms part of the ever growing video influence on social media.  All of the platforms have embraced video, especially short form video, as an effective way to engage with their users from TikTok to Instagram Reels, LinkedIn stories and more.  We invited marketing expert Luan Mardenborough to give us her take on video on Instagram.

Reels, stories, and clips are saturating our social media like never before. Our favourite platforms are slowly abandoning static content, and the restraints that come with it, causing a gravitation to video visuals. Gone are the days of a quick pic, being enough, to please your followers. The un-cooperative algorithms demand greater creativity, and innovative material, if you really want to captivate your audience.

The success of Tiktok, a platform dedicated solely to short clips, has reinforced, that video reigns supreme. Its status of ‘the most downloaded app of 2020’, prompted competitors to renovate their ageing formulas.

Instagram had made significant changes, to partake in this trend, and if I’m honest, I don’t know how to feel about it. The central button that once allowed us to upload a picture with ease, has now been invaded by reels, and it seems as though the essence of Instagram has been lost. Subconsciously this new way is urging users to stray, from static content, and forcing us to re-assess how we use the app.

Pros of Video on Instagram

More originality and diversity amongst content

Most users of Instagram can admit it was definitely becoming ‘samey’. The predictability of, no doubt, another heavily edited picture, made things rather flat. Reels are the latest addition to the pre-existing content features, such as, IGTV, stories, live and posts. The diversity, that has emerged, means it no longer feels like an old photo album. The development of reels has succeeded in injecting life and fun into the app. With video on Instagram, users also feel more compelled to immerse themselves as there is far more to explore.

Easy and Cost Effective

Video has always been a major key for marketing, as it provides the opportunity to depict what images, alone, simply cannot. It also aids in delivering your message with a higher intensity. However, this method was traditionally reserved for those with high budgets, and extensive resources. But the option to have shorter videos, and simplified creation, has made reels a go-to. The functions for video on Instagram are truly amateur friendly. So, no you don’t need to be Scorsese to produce amazing content.

Favourable for the algorithm

As engagement and visibility becomes increasingly difficult, we are challenged to beat the dreaded Instagram algorithm. Unfortunately, a monthly upload with, with a quick filter, isn’t enough to keep you at the top at the feed. Although creating reels is considerably more time-consuming, Instagram will reward your efforts. Mastering their latest content feature is guaranteed to boost exposure and improve positioning amongst your followers.

Cons of Video on Instagram

Alienates ‘normal’ users

Instagram has evolved far beyond a space for sharing images and is now the foundation for many people’s livelihood. The plethora of ads, and promotion, has stripped the light-hearted nature the app once possessed. This continues to isolate the millions of users, who use Instagram for pleasure, as oppose to monetisation. The engagement on traditional posting is dramatically low, which can be frustrating for the ‘normal’ users whose purpose is to connect with family and friends. If businesses and influencing isn’t your forte, sadly your Instahaven may be coming to an end.

No Longer Unique

Stories, videos, posts. It appears that, no matter the platform, they’re all adopting similar functions. Whilst the creators are attempting to keep things fresh, all we do is let out a sigh, having to adapt to yet another packed update. You know the saying if it’s not broken don’t fix it. It was a lovely time when snapchat was for stories, Instagram was for pictures, and YouTube was for videos. The amalgamation of everything into one place, has caused Instagram to heavily resemble other social media platforms.

But despite the negatives Instagram continues to remain a high-flyer in the social media game, and regardless of our reluctance, we always seem to find ourselves enticed in their latest trend.

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