Video Marketing For Work Experience Company

Video Marketing For Work Experience Company

Work experience organisation, Work Taster has identified video marketing as a key element in it’s promotional strategy to communicate to the different target audiences involved in their business.  The company looks at helping young people get vital and valuable work experience in the workplace by working with colleges and businesses to match up the best fit for candidates and companies alike.

The video marketing strategy involves short, simple soundbites from people on both sides of the industry – those seeking work experience and companies that are willing and see the value of taking on work experience students.  Our work with Work Taster saw us interview students from Solihull College and Alderbrook school as well as local employers who have seen the benefit of taking on work experience placements, we have then produced a series of short videos with soundbites and key information for both students and companies to watch.

One of the key objectives was to communicate the variety of opportunities that are on offer for both students and companies in the video.  CMA Video marketing manager, Adam Snelleksz also switched from one side of the camera to the other to appear in a video explaining the role that work experience played in at the start of his career after going to a marketing company on a placement while at school.

Marketing to two very different audiences meant that the right people had to be featured to appeal to the respective target audiences meaning that it wasn’t just about showing office based environments or reinforcing stereotypical ideas about work experience.  As a result, one video was shot on a building site with Marston Property Maintenance while another was shot at the offices of travel agent, Andara Travel.  Some of the soundbites were specifically chosen to show the opportunities that companies are offering and the level of work that students could expect to be involved in.  In addition there were several hints and tips videos produced with experts from Work Taster giving advice on how to put together an effective CV to interview do’s and don’ts.

The videos will mainly be used to populate the website offering practical information on every page of the site for users on the site.

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