Don’t Want To Create A New Video? Just Update Your Existing One!


A client who we worked with last year recently got in touch with our editing team about the video we created for them.  Their video content strategy had highlighted the fact that the original video was looking slightly out of date.  One of the staff who featured in the video had left the company, some of the things that they were saying had changed and the corporate clothing had also been updated too.

The client, APT Powerdrive, were asking about the cost of producing a new video but our editing team had an alternative approach.  Instead of re-shooting the entire video, we asked how much of the video and the content had changed.  The answer was not a lot, beyond the aforementioned areas there wasn’t anything else that was different so we had the ideal solution.  We offered to re-record the specific areas and cut them into the existing corporate vide that we had produced.  It was just a quarter of the price and significantly less of a drain on their time and most importantly it extended the longevity of a marketing video that, essentially, they are really happy with.

The basis of this idea is making video as cost effective as possible and there is no reason why you can’t simply amend an existing promotional video if you just need to tweak it.  If it is a key element of your video content strategy and, most importantly, its working for you then there is no point in reinventing the wheel for the sake of it.  It makes much more sense to amend it as you see fit and make it better then starting all over again.  Its the same principle as many other marketing assets, if you want to change something on your website you don’t have to commission a whole new site.

We have filmed the additional elements of the APT Powerdrive video and will create a new, improved version for them to reflect the changes in their business and in their video content strategy.  We don’t necessarily recommend doing this over and over again but certainly for smaller changes for the first or possibly second time to a corporate video then it should be absolutely fine.

If you would like to talk to us about this for your existing marketing video then contact us now to see how we can help.

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