The Pros and Cons of Filming Corporate Videos on a Phone

Shallow Focus Photography of Person Holding Silver Iphone 6s

The debate over whether smartphones can effectively be used for shooting corporate videos has gained momentum in recent years. At CMA Video, where we prioritise creating high-quality content that engages and prompts action, we aim to explore this question: Can corporate videos be filmed on a phone?

The Advantages of Phone Filming

  • Cost-Effective: One of the most enticing aspects of using a phone for corporate video production is cost-efficiency. Traditional video equipment can be expensive, and hiring a professional crew adds to the budget. By using a smartphone, you can significantly reduce production costs.
  • Accessibility: Smartphones are readily available, making them accessible to almost everyone. This means that anyone in your organisation can potentially capture valuable content when the need arises, without having to rely on a dedicated video production team.
  • Versatility: Modern smartphones offer impressive versatility. They can capture high-resolution videos, offer various shooting modes, and even support add-on lenses and stabilisers for improved quality. This flexibility can be advantageous when you need to adapt quickly to different filming scenarios.
  • Ease of Use: Filming with a phone is user-friendly. The intuitive interfaces and user-friendly apps available make it easy for non-professionals to create decent videos without a steep learning curve.

The Challenges of Phone Filming

  • Quality Concerns: While smartphone cameras have improved dramatically, they still can’t match the quality of professional video equipment. Low-light performance, image stabilisation, and audio quality may not meet the standards required for corporate videos.
  • Limited Control: Smartphones offer limited control over manual settings like exposure, focus, and white balance. Professional cameras provide greater control over these aspects, allowing for more precise and consistent results.
  • Lack of Professional Expertise: Creating a corporate video goes beyond just capturing images. It involves scripting, lighting, sound, editing, and more. Without professional expertise, your video may fall short in terms of storytelling and overall impact.
  • Perception: In the corporate world, perception matters. While smartphone videos are becoming more common, there’s still a perceived lack of professionalism associated with them, especially for high-stakes corporate communications.
Person recording performance on stage using phone

When to Use a Phone for Corporate Videos

  • Quick Updates: For informal and real-time updates, like social media posts, using a smartphone can be a practical choice. It allows for instant communication with your audience.
  • Limited Budget: If your budget is tight, or you need to create video content regularly, smartphone filming can help you save on production costs.
  • Authenticity: In some cases, a raw and unpolished video can convey authenticity and a personal touch. It can be more relatable to your audience.

When to Opt for Professional Equipment

  • High-Stakes Presentations: For crucial corporate presentations, product launches, or high-stakes communications, the use of professional equipment is advisable.
  • Storytelling: When your video needs a structured narrative, professional expertise in scripting and editing becomes essential. Professional equipment enables better storytelling.
  • Brand Image: If your brand image relies heavily on professionalism and quality, it’s wise to invest in professional video production services. The perceived value of your content can be significantly higher.

The impact of the filming choice on your corporate videos cannot be underestimated. Your videos represent your brand and can influence how your audience perceives your business. Whether you choose to film with a smartphone or professional equipment, should be guided by the specific needs of your project, your budget, and your brand image.

In the world of corporate video production, the use of smartphones has both advantages and challenges. As CMA Video, we appreciate the need to balance cost-effectiveness and quality. While smartphones are a valuable tool for certain scenarios, they may not be the best choice for every corporate video.

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