the haunted castle

Client: Warwick Castle

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We were commissioned by Warwick Castle to film their Halloween event, “The Haunted Castle,” and create a video that captured the event’s eerie atmosphere to promote their annual Halloween activities. The brief was to convey the spooky essence of the Halloween event through a short video intended for use on Warwick Castle’s social media platforms and website, with plans for its continued use over the next 2-3 years.

Filmed during the Halloween event, the video featured interactions with event actors to immerse viewers in the eerie ambience. The video’s theme and style were meticulously crafted to convey the chilling atmosphere of the evening, enticing the audience to participate. Despite the challenges of night-time filming and lighting, these factors added to the video’s ambience and overall style. The video’s success was evident in its ability to attract visitors to the Halloween events by providing a tantalising glimpse of what to expect without revealing too much. It was effectively utilised as both an organic post and a paid advertisement, contributing significantly to the event’s success and attendance.

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