Testimonial Video Production For Birmingham Chamber Of Commerce

Testimonial Video Production For Birmingham Chamber Of Commerce

Solihull Chamber LogoWe have been working with Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC) to produce a marketing strategy for a series of testimonial video productions to help the organisation attract new members. Our approach to the filming project has meant that instead of simply asking satisfied customers to say positive things about GBCC, we have advised on how to address some of the key messages and issues that are in the Chamber’s marketing strategy.  As a result, we are producing specific, targeted marketing content with which the Chamber can target key audience segments.

Marketing manager Adam Snelleksz said:

“We were approached by GBCC to film several testimonial video snippets from different members but when I looked at the brief, I felt that it needed a more strategic and targeted approach.  Once I had discussed the brief with the team at the Chamber I thought that we could produce a series of videos that would actually work as a sales tool rather than just another testimonial video.  After working on a strategy that took into account the aims and objectives of what the Chamber was looking to achieve, we came up with a campaign that put a new spin on the traditional testimonial video or indeed any other type of testimonial offering.”

The video strategy basically turned the content and purpose of the video around so that instead of GBCC members talking about how great they think the Chamber is, it looked at what are some of the common issues with the organisation for non-members.  The research from GBCC had shown that identifying how the Chamber can help members was a relative unknown from a growth perspective as well as building links and contacts in the business community.  Similarly, the Future Faces element of GBCC was also not widely understood as well as addressing the notion that the Chamber is only for large businesses.

Adam CMA DirectorWith this information to hand, Adam and the GBCC team looked at specific members who could talk about and relate to these issues and more.  Those members were then approached and asked if they could talk specifically about the areas that related to them in their testimonial video.  The result was a series of testimonial videos that addressed specific issues and concerns that would relate to the Chamber’s target market – dealing with and challenging stereotypical perceptions of the Chamber.  It also meant that the videos became highly targeted sales tools rather than a vanity project that simply extolls the virtues of GBCC.  The whole notion of a testimonial video is to hear a third party giving approval or recommending a company, thus giving it more credibility but by tweaking the approach in this way has given it a new approach.  Now not only is it third party approval but it also directly addresses some of the main barriers that businesses are not joining the Chamber for – making it not only a marketing asset but also a sales tool.

Some of the companies that have taken part include Aardvark Marketing, Story Communications and the Park Regis Hotel as well as our own testimonial about being a Chamber member.  Each testimonial video features a different area and how the subject has benefitted or worked with it.  The video featuring Adam tells how CMA Video has grown with the help and support of the Chamber.

Any business looking for a new take on producing a testimonial video to help with online sales and marketing can contact Adam on 0121 551 2079 or email him here and to watch video testimonials about CMA Video along with some more traditional written testimonials, click here for our testimonial page.

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