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Client: St. Modwen Properties

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We partnered with St. Modwen Homes to create a series of show home videos showcasing the variety of homes available across their UK developments. Our brief was to capture the unique styles of show homes and convey the aspirational lifestyle associated with living in these beautifully designed properties. The goal was to provide potential buyers with an in-depth visual tour, highlighting the architectural and design features while telling a story that resonates with viewers.

Our production team travelled to various St. Modwen developments nationwide, meticulously filming each show home to ensure every detail was captured. The videos were crafted to reflect a sense of warmth and homeliness, using a classical and calming style to make viewers feel relaxed and envision their lives within these walls. After filming, the footage was carefully edited to create seamless and engaging videos, with music and voiceovers enhancing the overall experience.

The final videos were prominently featured on the St. Modwen YouTube channel and specific development websites, reaching a broad audience of potential buyers. They also became key resources for the sales team, who shared them directly with interested customers. These videos have proven to be invaluable marketing tools, providing a compelling visual representation of St. Modwen Homes’ offerings and enhancing the buying experience by helping prospective homeowners envision their future in a St. Modwen home.

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