Sport Birmingham Overview Video

Sport Birmingham Overview Video

Our latest project with Birmingham sports agency, Sport Birmingham has seen us create a promotional overview video of the organisation and what they do.  Created initially for the Birmingham Sports Awards where it was shown to the audience at the awards, the overview video is now a key marketing tool that Sport Birmingham are using across many channels and outlets.  We also produced a short video for the Birmingham Sports Awards which was used across digital channels

The video features on their website and has also been used as an aid to pitching for sponsorship and funding.  As any overview video should, it highlights what the organisation does and features soundbites from key stakeholders in and connected to the organisation.  Our creative team led on the project and came up with two key focal points.  Firstly from a visual perspective there was a focus on the Sport Birmingham logo and it’s heart shape – this then became a link through the video with the heart representing a multitude of angles including the links to sport and health, Birmingham being located in the heart of the country, Sport Birmingham at the heart of sport in the city and the stakeholder’s love of sport.  The heart shape that the hands show is also something that many sports stars show when they are celebrating and is a nod towards the likes of Gareth Bale and Usain Bolt.

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The second focal point came from the original purpose of the video – ‘What is Sport Birmingham?’  We then used motion graphics to make the statement ‘Sport Birmingham is…’.  This then was repeated throughout the video with different points about what Sport Birmingham actually is.  The point of this was to show the range and diversity of what the organisation does and to demonstrate that it is different things to different people whether you are a participant, club organiser, community leader and more.

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The video also highlights the many different sports, events and activities that Sport Birmingham are involved in ranging from the Summer School Games, Birmingham Inclusive Sports Fest, The Winter School Games, Sportivate through to individual sports and clubs.

The full overview video can be seen below and this follows on from our work with Sport Birmingham over the last five years which has included the Birmingham Inclusive Sports Fest, Satellite Clubs organiser and participant videos, Sportivate, the Sainsbury’s School Games.

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