Social Media Videos Work For Our Clients


In the past few months we have been looking at the types of videos that our clients are requesting and their reasons why.  The overwhelming front runner is social media videos and the reasons are broadly very similar – a short, sharp video that communicates a key message or story to a particular target audience.

We are finding that social media videos are quick turnaround productions that can be tailored for different social media channels and are achieving high viewing figures.  There are different alternatives to bear in mind such as videos hosted on YouTube that are then distributed through various channels and also uploading videos directly to a platform like Facebook which benefits from exposure that offers.  Either way, the videos are proving to be highly successful in communicating to followers of brands on social media.  Videos can be short like the Sport Birmingham Twitter post below or longer, more detailed content such as the Sea Life Centre’s Birmingham penguin journey on Facebook, also below.

While there is still a need for other types of videos like filming events, testimonial videos or corporate videos it appears that this news and event style content is a direction that brands are moving towards when they consider social media videos.  If it is coupled with paying to promote the content as well it allows for a much more targeted approach to a particular demographic providing a better success and view rate.

Views are regularly hitting the thousands for these videos for most of our clients and it seems to represent a huge shift in the use of video as an ‘everyday’ method of communication.  Rather than approaching video as a one off, almost luxury marketing tool many brands are now treating it as a regular asset that they now realise is the way that their target audience wants and currently consumes their information.  The ever increasing use of mobile as a viewing platform means that video is even more accessible and effective with figures ranging from 50% to 70% of all mobile traffic being video based.

If you are looking to create a series of social media videos like the brands below or would like to start looking at including social media videos in your marketing strategy then contact us on 0121 551 2079 or

Social Media Videos

Some examples of the social media posts that our clients have posted and how they have worked for them either through native Facebook upload or hosted on YouTube. It’s not just about the views though as many have been shared and commented on too to create interactivity amongst the followers and further engagement.

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