Social Media Video Content For Acorns


The annual Acorns Santa Run took place at Millennium Point just before Christmas and we were on hand to produce social media video content for the event. Our production team worked with the Acorns team to ensure that we captured the proceedings, interviewed some of the key people and captured a flavour of the fun and festivities of the day.

Our brief was to film social media video content covering the key messages of the event and promote not just the fun of the day but also the good cause that it is benefitting. From a half day of filming, we managed to create one longer overview video of the event along with five shorter videos for social media. These featured some of the key stakeholders from the day including other charity organisers who were supporting the event such as LoveBrum.

The idea of the social media video content is to provide bitesize information on different aspects of the event. We looked to provide an organiser’s perspective along with a participant’s point of view and more. 

In addition, our social media team picked up on the fact that an influential character was in a attendance so a video featuring him was created and he was tagged in the social media activity giving extra credence to the social media activity. The schedule of content meant that, in terms of communication goals, there was a broad spectrum of videos that appealed to a wide audience.

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