Shark Filming At Sea Life Centre Birmingham

Shark Filming At Sea Life Centre Birmingham

Sea Life Centre Birmingham has been preparing for a new arrival to their extensive list of creatures with one of their sharks about to give birth.  The black tip shark is going through much the same process as any new mum to be with scans taking place regularly to check the health of her pup and a team at the ready to deliver the pup when the shark is ready to give birth.

The CMA Video crew have been on hand to capture the scans taking place and the build up for the shark with GoPro cameras capturing some of the underwater activity as well as filming on dry land.  As part of the build up, we have been interviewing key people at Sea Life Centre Birmingham in order to demonstrate the whole process that a birth for any creature takes at the centre.

Having worked on many projects at Sea Life Centre Birmingham and other centres across the country, some of the challenges associated with working with animals are a little more simple to overcome.  Our lighting crew are able to ensure that the lighting in the centre is acceptable to work with but, one thing never changes, the unpredictability of the animals themselves!

In addition we also filmed a series of stock footage for Sea Life Centres across the country featuring crabs, rays, an octopus and jellyfish.  The short edits will be featured in all of the centres for visitors to see while they visit the centre.

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