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Client: SE Controls

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We collaborated with SE Controls to create an exhibition video that provides a comprehensive view of the company, including its location, facilities, product range, and history. The goal was to present this video at a trade show, offering visitors a holistic understanding of SE Controls.

Our team spent two days meticulously filming various aspects of SE Controls. This included capturing aerial shots via drone to provide an expansive overview of their factory. During post-production, we integrated graphics in a technical style and overlaid them onto the drone footage. Additionally, we incorporated stock footage to highlight the company’s global reach, ensuring the video was both informative and visually engaging.

The final video was showcased on SE Controls’ exhibition stand, where it received significant acclaim. The client was so impressed with the outcome that they decided to feature it on their website. The video now serves as a comprehensive overview for site visitors, effectively summarizing SE Controls’ story and offerings, and enhancing their online presence.

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