SE Controls Exhibition Video​

SE Controls Exhibition Video​

We were engaged by St. Modwen Homes to create a series of show home videos, showcasing the various types of homes available across their UK developments.

The Brief

The objective was to create a video that offered a holistic view of SE Controls, covering various aspects such as their location, facilities, product range, and company history. This video was destined for presentation on an exhibition stand at a trade show.

The Result

se controls
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Over the course of two days, our team meticulously filmed all facets of SE Controls, including aerial shots captured via drone for an expansive factory overview. Post-production involved the integration of graphics in a technical style, overlaying them onto the drone footage. We also incorporated stock footage to emphasize the company’s global reach. The resulting video not only graced SE Controls’ exhibition stand but also garnered such acclaim from the client that they decided to feature it on their website. It now serves as a comprehensive overview of the company for visitors to the site, successfully summarizing SE Controls’ story and offerings.

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