How Regular Video Content is Key to Marketing Your Business in 2023

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In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate business and social media engagement, a consistent and effective content plan, particularly in video production, is a game-changer for businesses. We’ve been working with Brooks Running and their partners, the “Sunday Running Club” and “parkrun”, to create engaging and informative video content for social media from our Birmingham office.

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Brooks Running is a well-known name in the world of running apparel. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and a love for running is clear in everything they do. We were excited to be part of their journey, making videos that reflect the brand’s values and connect with their target audience.

Keeping your audience engaged in today’s fast-paced social media environment is vital. For Brooks, this was the development of a series of social media videos showcasing their latest products and engaging their UK audience.

Showcasing "Sunday Running Club" & "parkrun"

The Sunday Running Club is more than just a running group, it’s a community of dedicated runners who come together every Sunday to share their passion for the sport. Our goal was to capture the essence of this club in a manner that resonates with existing and potential Brooks customers.

Similarly, parkrun is a weekly event offering free, timed 5k runs in local parks every Saturday, and our videos showcase these around the country. Our team has been to many runs, capturing stories and embodying the spirit of these inclusive running communities, inspiring more people to lace up their running shoes and join the movement.

Through a consistent retainer arrangement, we could consistently create content that celebrated their passion for running and commitment to the sport. By having a continuous content plan, you can engage in storytelling, highlighting the dedication and community of the clubs.

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Shoe Technology

Another significant part of our job is creating internal videos introducing the new shoe technology accompanying each product release. These videos served as a valuable resource for Brooks, helping to educate retail staff about their products’ latest features and benefits.

Reflecting on our collaboration with Brooks and their partners, it’s evident that our retainer relationship has been instrumental in achieving our shared objectives. By consistently delivering content that celebrates the running community’s passion, and highlights Brooks’s innovation, we can support Brooks in making a lasting impact on their customers.

In summary, a consistent and impactful content plan facilitated by retainers is essential for businesses looking to engage their audience effectively. Our partnership with Brooks and their partners showcases the benefits of celebrating passion, innovation, and community. It’s important to remember that while posting a single video may not always deliver the desired results, maintaining consistency is key to long-term success.

If you’re interested in learning more about how retainers can benefit your business, especially for video production in Birmingham and the West Midlands, and help you stay consistently engaging, you can explore the possibilities and discuss how we can assist you on your content journey.

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