Video Strategy Content For The Recruitment Industry

Video Strategy Content For The Recruitment Industry

CMA Video has linked up with Recruitment Matters to work on a video strategy for the recruitment industry training provider.  One of Europe’s leading providers in training, mentoring and advice to the recruitment sector, Recruitment Matters works with recruiters and recruitment companies to improve their performance in the highly competitive sector.

Our work with the company includes creating a series of videos to highlight the different stages of the training course relating to different subject matter and key industry areas.  The focus of the video strategy is based around Warren Kemp, the founder of Recruitment Matters and features Warren in all of the videos.  As the face of the business, deliverer of the training programme and well known and respected in the industry it was important to create a video strategy that focused on Warren to bring to life the fact that Warren is Recruitment Matters.  It was felt that featuring Warren in the snippet videos was the best way of getting the message across of not only what but also who Recruitment Matters is.

Filmed on location in Birmingham, Warren used a business location in the city centre as the backdrop to his video shorts and will be looking to film more in the coming months to supplement the video strategy we have devised.  This video strategy project follows on from our initial work with Recruitment Matters in which we edited the video tutorials which make up part of the training course.  The video snippets and shorts will be used across Warren’s twitter channel and on the Recruitment Matters website too.  The focus of the strategy will be to encourage viewers to explore further the courses on offer, sign up to the courses and engage more with the brand.

The video strategy launches later in the year and we’ll be monitoring the results to demonstrate the success of video in promoting the course.

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