Promo Video Production For Air 21

Promo Video Production For Air 21

Telephone solutions company, Air 21 commissioned CMA Video to create a promo video for the organisation demonstrating who the staff are at Air 21 and also what the company offers to businesses.  The promo video acts perfectly as a tool to show customers who the people are who they’ll be working with and is ideal to help humanise the company.

The video will be used across Air 21’s website and social media channels and will also be used as a sales tool for the business.  Its an ideal introduction to what Air 21 do and how they operate allowing for the sales team to then further explain and talk about what the company does.  This particular promo video also features some higher level graphics and animation to emphasise the service that Air 21 provide and demonstrates the responsiveness of the staff and their offering with the graphical representations of a real time conversation.

The promo video is also an ideal way to show Air 21’s unique selling point – their dashboard interface for customers to monitor their telephone systems.  It allows speakers in the video to explain what it is and how it works while they are watching it on screen giving a dynamic promotion of the product.

This latest promo video is an ideal example of how to use video in the best possible way.  To watch the video click on the screen at the top of the page.

It explains what the business does in a much more visual and concise way that text on a website can, it humanises the company by showing customers who the people are behind all of the work that goes on and it uses some dynamic and engaging imagery to get the key messages across.  To speak to our production team about creating a promo video for your business contact us here or call on 0121 551 2079.

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