Pre-recording Staff Webinar Videos

webinar filming with BHSF

Whilst the working world slowly gets back to normal, some elements are making things easier and better for businesses to operate and engage with their staff.  One of the changes that looks like it’s here to stay is the online video conference and webinar. 

As an extension to the video production offering, it seamlessly allows organisations to communicate to staff on a large scale without the need for huge gatherings, booking venues or taking hours and hours out of the working day through travelling.  There are several ways to deliver an online video event, whether it is live streaming, a pre-recorded event which is then broadcast ‘as live’ or a hybrid of the two.

In this case, we were working with employee health and wellbeing provider, BHSF, to film and edit the pre-recorded elements of their staff webinar.  Our production team turned their offices into a studio for the day and filmed a series of videos from different members of staff featuring presentations, straight forward pieces to camera and more.  

Prior to filming, we worked with the team at BHSF to schedule the day and the filming so that everyone involved was aware and comfortable with what they had to do and prepared for the day.  Following the planning, the video production element ran smoothly with the client getting all of the content required to supplement the staff webinar which is due to be shown later this month.


webinar filming with BHSF

The reasons for using the client’s offices as a studio for the video production in Birmingham were many.  Firstly, it kept costs of expensive studio hire down meaning that budget could be allocated elsewhere for the client.  Secondly, it was very convenient for the client as all of the presenters didn’t need to take unnecessary time  out of their day travelling to another location and finally it also provided a comfortable environment for those who were nervous at the thought of presenting on camera.  The familiar surroundings made it one less thing to worry about along with the stress (for some of them) of speaking on camera.

The final video production also included some elements that were filmed by staff members at home over Zoom and our post production team edited those into the final video too. The finished production will be broadcast to all of the staff at BHSF and while it won’t available for public viewing, it’s a great way of internal marketing using video to communicate to staff and get everyone on board.

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