MenoHealth Promotional Video


MenoHealth, the organisation that works with women who are concerned or dealing with the menopause has engaged with CMA Video to create their marketing videos. We worked with the MenoHealth team to come up with a concept that best presents the organisation to potential customers. After several planning meetings and discussing the key points of the organisation, we worked on an idea of showcasing the fitness classes that MenoHealth provide. This was to demonstrate not only how MenoHealth work and help their clients in a practical way but also to give an upbeat message and positive perception of the whole menopause condition.

Menohealth promotional video

The MenoHealth team wanted to use the videos on their website but also on social media channels too so we advised that a general overview video would be useful to feature on the company website. The idea would be to give visitors to the site a good idea of what the organisation is all about along with keeping them on the website for longer (which is always good for bounce rate and SEO). In addition there are some shorter, snappier videos that are being produced for social media, this is to address the user habits of social media users so those videos are quick snippets of information about the organisation.

The completion of the videos is slated for before Christmas but in the meantime, our production team produced a behind the scenes video for our social media channels. It gives an insight into the shoot and some of the challenges that our team faced during the shoot including a mirrored wall that had to be dealt with.

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