Medical Conference Promotional Video

Medical Conference Promotional Video

promotional videoOur production team went to Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire to shoot for a promotional video at a medical conference last week.  The location made for the perfect setting for cut away shots in addition to the filming of delegates at the conference.  The majority of the filming involved capturing testimonials from the delegates to create a promotional video to use as a selling tool for future events.

Our marketing manager Adam Snelleksz said: “It’s great to see an organisation using video in such a simple but effective way.  There are plenty of examples of video content where it can be too much information or there are too many distractions taking the viewer away from the main message.  The video we have shot here is very much ‘on message’ without being too over the top and too busy.  We have filmed simple testimonials from key delegates at the conference who are expressing their satisfaction at the conference and addressing the key issues that would make people want to come to the next.  Sometimes the most simple video content can be the most effective.”

The promotional video plan was to focus on the Medical Education meeting audience and work towards promoting the next event.  Once the videos had received approval from the organisers they were distributed through social media and direct marketing to interested parties on the organiser’s database.

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