Make UK Recruitment Video​

Make UK Recruitment Video​

We were commissioned by Make UK to produce a distinctive recruitment video tailored for social media, employing social media video production, drone filming, and graphics.

The Brief

The objective was to create a social media video that departed from the conventional Make UK marketing content, focusing on engaging the target audience (young people aged 16 to 24) rather than adhering strictly to organizational preferences. The video was designed to reinforce the Make UK brand identity, prominently featuring the word ‘make’.

The Result

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The result was a highly acclaimed video that resonated with its audience. This video, designed to attract young people to the MAKE UK apprenticeship scheme, featured a fast-paced edit, showcasing relatable apprentices and emphasizing the aspirational aspect of apprenticeships. It addressed key factors such as earning a wage and the promising career opportunities offered by apprenticeships, effectively reaching and engaging the desired audience through social media channels.

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