The Mailbox Property Video

The Mailbox Property Video

The Mailbox landlords sought a high-end video showcasing available space, amenities, and transportation links in the city centre complex, requiring walkthroughs, drone footage, and permissions for capturing city views.

The Brief

The Mailbox approached us to produce a high-quality video showcasing their offerings in Birmingham’s city centre. The primary aim was to highlight available space, the existing tenant community, on-site facilities, and the property’s proximity to convenient amenities and transportation links. Achieving this objective entailed conducting thorough walkthroughs and pre-production site visits to assess the scale of the space and the requirements for both indoor and outdoor drone filming at the Mailbox.

The filming process included the creation of scenes featuring staff members and the documentation of available rental units. Furthermore, permissions were obtained to capture stunning views of the city and its surroundings by filming above the Mailbox in the city centre.

The Result

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We wanted to showcase the available space and attract potential property occupiers more effectively. To achieve this, we harnessed the power of video as a sales tool. By integrating on-screen graphics displaying property information and features, we eliminated the need for printed materials. This not only saved the client’s budget but also had a positive environmental impact, aligning with sustainable practices in marketing.

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