Live With Video – We Look At How Useful Video Can Be

Don’t Take Video For Granted

We’ve decided to see how much video is ingrained into our daily lives by spending the next week using the web and, specifically, video to see how much it helps in our daily lives.  It will look at everyday things that we are doing or planning to do and see if there is a video to help and also to see how useful it is.  In the build up to Christmas we’ll see if we can live with video to plan what we’re doing, help with some problems and answer any questions we might have.

Video is a huge part of our daily lives now, in the US more people aged between 18 and 34 watch YouTube than TV for entertainment and as an information source, videos now can help with anything from changing your car’s wheel to wiring a plug.  As an instant news source, YouTube and video on other social media often provides the very latest updates rather than having to wait for the 6 O’Clock news.

So how effective is video in our daily lives?  We are going to try and live with video for a week as our source of information on everything from cookery tips to DIY and even Christmas present buying.

With 50% of YouTube views taking place on a mobile device, its really easy to live with video in any situation in any place so we can check out whatever we need to know, wherever we are.

You can follow the updates on twitter and Facebook to see what we’re looking at and look out for the hashtag #livewithvideo when we tweet any results.

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