Live Streaming Service For PA Awards


CMA Video’s live streaming service was utilised by the West Midlands PA Forum for their annual PA Awards which celebrates personal assistants, executive assistants and virtual assistants and their achievements in the workplace.  Having filmed and sponsored the PA Awards for the past two years our video production team were delighted to once again be involved albeit in a different way this year.  Our live streaming service meant that the awards could still take place and broadcast online to the hundreds of guests, businesses and nominees.

Key to the success of the event video was that an element of the glitz and glamour of the previous awards could still be on show and the set build for the awards was key to this.  Working in conjunction with Elegant Entertainment and Eventologists, the set design and entertainment made for a spectacular set up which added a new dimension to our live streaming service for the event.  PA Awards organiser Daniel Skermer was keen to develop a more visually engaging experience for the viewers rather than a simple presenter standing in front of the camera as has been provided for other events.  Our live streaming service can deliver simple events or more extravagant productions like this which is why he chose to work with us.  

The key to the delivery of the event is in the planning beforehand and before we undertake any live streaming service we will sit down with the client and discuss their goals.  This was no different with the PA Awards and we worked with the organising team to plan out not only the running order but the individual elements of the production which included band performances, cuts to pre-recorded videos slots and the announcements of the awards winners.

The final live stream made for a spectacular awards evening that, despite restrictions, was able to deliver an event that the audience really felt part of.  Broadcast over the Hopin platform, there were additional supplementary elements that helped to bring the experience home to the audience including a delivery of food and drink that viewers could enjoy while watching the broadcast.

As live streaming of events becomes ever more popular and necessary, our streaming service for events is working with many organisations to deliver their annual conferences, awards evenings, expos and staff events.  If your business or organisation is looking to stream an event online then contact us about our live streaming service and how we can help.

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