Jangro QR Code Video Campaign Goes Live

Jangro QR Code Video Campaign Goes Live

Janitorial supplies organisation, Jangro has launched its QR Code video campaign after commissioning CMA Video to create the instructional videos demonstrating how to use their cleaning equipment.  Certain pieces of their most popular cleaning equipment will now be sold to customers with a QR Code link to a video showing new users how to operate, clean and maintain their new machines.  The videos will add value to customers who buy the machines as well as serving as a sales tool for the organisation’s sales team.

It is also hoped that the videos will act as a reference point for customers who may have after sales questions and therefore reduce the amount of time spent calling customer helpdesks.

Although the video production was filmed in Birmingham, the project has been rolled out nationwide with Jangro members across Britain utilising the videos to add value to their customer service.

For more information about the QR Code campaign or CMA Video’s “How To” videos contact us here.

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