The Importance Of Building A Brand

The Importance Of Building A Brand

building a brandCreating a strong brand is the lifeblood of every successful business. A gorgeous logo, catchy slogan, and video marketing are just a few ways of spreading your message far and wide. Building a brand by creating good practices from the get-go, your company is going to be more valuable because you’ll become an industry leader with real authority. At this stage of the game, you’ll show the world just how much value you can provide, and this will make it easier than ever to achieve success on a larger scale.

More importantly, by achieving such a strong level of authority and further reach, you’ll have no trouble finding potential customers that you’ll ultimately convert into rabid fans. You can start your mission on the micro level and brand your business for your local community. As time goes by though, you may want to take your business to the next level and begin a nationwide or even international marketing and branding campaign. Video marketing will come in very handy in this scenario, plus Eric Strate and other search engine optimization specialists can also help spread your message even further at this stage of the game.

Are you ready to learn how the power of branding can transform your company? We’ll share some of our favourite reasons why building a brand is the one area every business owner should focus on.

Create Brand Trust Through Video Marketing

All forms of branding will help create additional trust for your business. But video marketing and sharing video messages with your audience is the one surefire way to become a trusted and valued resource.

Why is video so important? It’s important because it puts a face – or multiple faces – to your business and it shows potential customers that you’re real people just like them. It shows that you care about them, want to help them, and proves you’re doing everything you can to make their lives easier through your helpful videos.

Another fantastic reason to use video marketing is it demonstrates that you’re in this for the long haul. Fly-by-night companies that plan to take the money and run don’t bother posting video product reviews, testimonials, case studies, and simple friendly messages if they intend to walk away after a quick cash grab.

Make it easy for potential customers to spend money with your organisation by giving them a chance to get to know you through your videos. Your conversions will improve tremendously and your overall value and reputation in the market will surpass your biggest hopes and dreams.

Building A Brand To Improve Company Recognition

Sport Promo Video building a brand

It’s possible to put your brand on the map and improve company recognition by designing an iconic logo. In fact, the strongest companies in the world are recognisable by their logo. The Nike swoosh is a prime example. Let’s not forget about the Golden Arches from McDonald’s or the red and white Coca-Cola can that’s been around since the late 1800s.

When people see your logo they need to instantly recognise your company, that’s why this design is so crucial. Your graphics should be simple, convey the right message about your business, and ultimately make a strong impression on your audience.

10x The Effectiveness Of Your Advertising Through Business Branding

Advertising becomes much more effective when you have a recognisable brand. In the beginning, you may have had to narrow your focus to bring in new customers. But as you take your business to a higher level through expansion, your brand recognition will help make your advertising campaigns much more effective because people will know who you are, trust your company, and buy more of your products and services.

Conclusion - Building A Brand

wendy dessler building a brand

Hopefully you can now recognise the true value in building a brand. It’s the best way to put your company on the map and keep it there for many years to come.This is a guest blog from Wendy Dessler through Altitude Branding.  Altitude branding have recently published their list of the Best Blogs to Follow in 2018 of which the CMA Video blog has been listed.

Wendy is a super connector who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customised marketing plans depending on the industry and competition.

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