Holiday Company Corporate Video Production

Holiday Company Corporate Video Production

Our production team travelled to Kent in July to film a holiday company corporate video aimed at overseas students travelling to the UK.  Based at two residential holiday camps in Dover over the course of a week, our crew stayed with the holiday group and experienced the holiday with over 100 students and young people from across the world.

The holiday company, Project International, asked for our film crew to film all aspects of the holiday experience because it wasn’t just about about creating just another company corporate video but more about presenting a real view of the experience that the students get when they travel to the UK for a Project International holiday.  So our team stayed in the holiday accommodation, ate in the refectory with the students and were on hand for all of the activities which included all the usual sports, leisure activities, classroom sessions, a trip to Cantebury and even discos and a Zombie night!

With students travelling from around the world, particularly Australia, Japan, China, South America and Europe the purpose of the video is two fold – firstly to show the students what a fantastic time awaits them but also to allay any doubts that their parents might have about food, accommodation, entertainment etc.  The use of the video is for sales representatives to take it with them to travel agents and directly to parents’ groups to sell what the Project International experience is all about – effectively a sales video but also a general promotional video for the company too.

For any company corporate video can be a daunting project to undertake so our pre-production service worked with the team at Project International extensively to plan the content of the video.  We looked at their aims and objectives, how they intended to use the video and what they wanted to show and from there, devised a project plan.  The end result was a company corporate video that eclipsed their previous promotional video, captured the essence of what Project International holidays are all about and, most importantly, left them with a product that they are delighted with.

Clare Blake, the sales manager at Project International was particularly happy with the video and our service.  As the lead in all sales for the company, the video is a huge boost in her sales process as she can take it with her for presentations, email it ahead to potential clients or for after sales activity and also use it on social media. The testimonial here reflects how happy Clare has been with our service from start to finish.

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