Healthcare Video Strategy Project


A healthcare video project is the latest video production work in the health sector that our team have been working on.  Creating a healthcare video comes after our work with Public Health England, the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and the British Society of Echocardiography amongst others.  The filming work involved creating short videos of the company MD for use on an internal basis for new staff joining the business.  The development of a ‘video handbook’ for new starters is a unique way of helping new members of staff understand the business, the expectations and procedures and a generally a new and engaging way to communicate important information.

While a healthcare video like this is not new to our production team, the notion of using it internally is something that hasn’t been widely used by our clients in the past but is a different way of getting across what can often be dry but important subject matter.  It also allows the staff to see the MD of the business and help to familiarise them with the boss.

In addition to the internal use videos, we are also looking at a series of public facing videos for the business to help promote the business to potential new clients.  The aim of the video marketing strategy on the external side is to position the healthcare business as a forward thinking and innovative organisation and to try and break the mould on the approach to healthcare video marketing that may have been produced in the industry in the past.  An informative based approach was agreed upon with the client to stop ‘selling’ the services and to market the brand instead using the video content to demonstrate brand values, provide service information and address customer queries and frequently asked questions.  The idea behind a different style of healthcare video is to position the brand in a different marketplace to the competition and create a customer centric approach to the marketing campaign.  The project is a long term campaign to address many aspects of the business and take the brand away from traditional marketing methods that are widely used in the industry to a new style of marketing and promotion.

Our healthcare video and marketing experience has helped us to address the client with some of the issues and knowledge we have gained from other clients in marketing in the healthcare industry.  If this is an area where you would like to improve your video marketing presence, contact us for more information

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