Global Company Uses Induction Video For New Staff

2 workers in the citron hygiene induction video
induction video
Citron Hygiene vans taken from the induction video

Global hygiene company Citron Hygiene have created a staff induction video for use across their branches across their network of offices to standardise their welcome process for new recruits to the business.  The video is aimed at ensuring that all new starters to the business get the same introduction to their new job and also to ensure that the exact nature of the job is conveyed and understood.

Our production team started withinduction video a brief that featured the key messages that needed to be shown in the video and we then looked at how these messages could be shown visually.  A storyboard was put together for the key shots and inspiration was also taken from the Canadian branch’s induction video which had had a large degree of success with inducting their new recruits.

It was felt that the best way to get the message across was to use actual employees to front the video.  This would make it more authentic and relatable to the new staff than using staff from higher management or actors.  This was also an important factor in the type of information that the staff were talking about on screen.  Citron wanted a truly authentic induction video which described the job that the new recruits were starting in a ‘warts and all’ way.  Part of their issue had historically been that new recruits were leaving the role very quickly because the job wasn’t what they thought it was so this video was being created to address that.

The staff on camera were encouraged to talk about the dirty and less desirable side top the job and they did this in a way that gave a realistic account of the role.  However it was also interspersed with some of the more positive elements of the job too so that it appeared more like a chat between friends than a traditional, corporate induction video.  Many aspects of the day to day job were also shown to depict what is expected of the staff members.

One of the benefits of creating an induction video is that it means that no matter which branch of Citron Hygiene in the UK the new employees are at, they will all get the same information about the role they are about start.  The video is currently being used by Citron as part of their induction process.

If you’re thinking about creating an induction video for new recruits to your business and you’d like to find out more then get in touch and we’ll talk you through your project and how we can help.

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