gary vaynerchuk london event

Client: Cybercy

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Cybercy’s event filming captured their MD, Sunny Vara’s appearance alongside Gary Vaynerchuk at a London cybersecurity event, enhancing their company’s exposure. The brief was to capture this significant moment and create a compelling video that documented the collaboration, emphasising the prestige of the partnership and establishing Cybercy as a leading authority in the cybersecurity field. Our task included filming the Cybercy exhibition stand, showcasing their innovations and interactions with event attendees, as well as capturing Sunny Vara’s presence on stage with Gary Vaynerchuk to convey the energy and expertise of the moment.

The resulting video has proven to be a game-changer for Cybercy. It successfully positioned Sunny Vara and the company as industry leaders, earning them a prominent spot in the competitive cybersecurity landscape. The association with Gary Vaynerchuk generated significant engagement both online and offline, solidifying Cybercy’s reputation and expanding their reach within the industry. This video not only documented a significant moment but also catapulted Cybercy to new heights of exposure and credibility in the cybersecurity sector.

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