FLR Group Launch Video Content Strategy

FLR Group Launch Video Content Strategy

Flooring company FLR Group have launched their digital video content campaign with two videos that showcase different elements of the company and keep the company in the public eye.

After an initial filming session at the company’s offices, the first video content in what will be a series over the next few months has been released by FLR to increase the company’s online presence.  The first video features Mark Waghorn, the newest member of staff at the company and its intention is to communicate to all of Mark’s contacts as well as followers of FLR Group that Mark is now working at the company.

The second video is a news item that profiles a development in the industry that is unique to FLR Group regarding the opening of Crucial Trading’s first showroom stand outside of London.  The video features Michael Turner of Crucial Trading explaining why they have chosen FLR to host the first showroom at the FLR offices.

All of the video content has been distributed across the company’s social media channels including FacebookLinked InTwitter and more.

Video Content Strategy

We are working with FLR Group to devise a video content strategy to enable the best content and distribution for the company across all of their digital platforms.  The principle of the strategy is to target the different demographics of their audiences with content that will appeal to them.  This may result in a variety of video styles from testimonials to animation to social media news videos depending on the nature of the story, the timing, the channel and the audience.

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