Working With FLR Group On Digital Content

Working With FLR Group On Digital Content

As we develop our relationship with FLR Group, we are now looking at some consistent and targeted digital content that will direct traffic to their website and raise awareness of the company and its brand.  Two new initiatives that have been developed have been launched this week using two different types of video production.

Firstly #TimeLapseTuesday has launched today and will feature different time lapse videos from jobs up and down the country featuring different flooring materials and styles like this tweet and video

Digital content gurugarySecondly there will be a series of video blogs released by FLR Group based around helpful hints and tips, information and responses to viewer questions.  The presenter of these video blogs will be FLR Group employee Gary Lloyd who will be blogging (or vlogging) each week from the FLR Group offices under the guise and hashtag of #GuruGary.


Both digital content strategies will aim to increase awareness of the company not just from a general point of view but also to showcase the different elements of what the company does.  In particular, the time lapse videos will show different flooring surfaces, a variety of size and scales of the work undertaken and the different processes required with each job.

As we produce this digital content for FLR Group, our strategy is all about creating meaningful video content that viewers will engage with.  This could be in the form of contacting FLR Group or interacting with the social media posts by liking, sharing and retweeting actually following the FLR Group accounts.

We are beginning to work with more companies on their digital content strategy and advising how our video marketing experience can boost SEO, increase traffic to websites and generate more leads.  Contact us now to find out more about how we can do this for you.

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