Finding Dory TV & Cinema Advert

Client: Sea Life Centre

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The Sea Life Centre approached us to create an engaging TV and cinema advert to promote their new “Finding Dory” exhibit. Our objective was to attract families and children by leveraging the popularity of the Disney-Pixar character, Dory. We began by casting actors who could convey a sense of wonder and excitement. Filming took place both on-site at the Sea Life Centre and in a controlled studio environment to capture genuine interactions and precise scenes. A professional voice actor was selected for the narration, which was crafted to be engaging and informative, guiding viewers through the exhibit highlights.

To truly capture the “Finding Dory” theme, we integrated high-quality animation of Dory from the film. These animations were seamlessly blended with live-action footage, creating a captivating and immersive experience. The final advert successfully highlighted the educational and entertainment value of a visit to the Sea Life Centre, effectively drawing in families and children to explore the new exhibit. This project showcased our ability to combine live-action filming, voice-over narration, and animation to produce a high-impact promotional advert.

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