Filming For Video Cards On Location In Paris

Filming For Video Cards On Location In Paris

Our production team were recently sent to a filming job in Paris for a corporate video production involving an innovative method of distributing videos.  Working with video cards, which are an offline channel of sending personalised videos to clients, our team recorded sales people from the client in France ready to be uploaded to the video cards.

Vid card 300x242 1A relatively simple concept, the video is shown through an LED screen and automatically plays once the card is opened.  More than 200 videos were recorded for the client just outside of the centre of Paris resulting in a huge filming and editing production.  Each salesperson recorded personalised introductions to their prospects and a personalised ending to their message.  The middle part of the message was generic enough for every prospect and our editing team then stitched the the three parts of the video together.  Over 200 subsequent ‘personalised’ videos were then uploaded into the video cards similar to the one pictured here.

The cards are branded with company logos and branding and are able to be distributed through the post.  The useful element of the videos being featured in ‘hard copy’ video is that any calls to action, key messages or further information can be printed on the cards meaning that those messages are constantly seen by the viewer while the video is playing.

Whilst our filming crew has produced many of these before, the challenge this time arose with the French sales people required to deliver their messages in English.  In addition, however, a series of extra messages were recorded by the United Stated sales team from the client in Austin, Texas and our team were also required to edit these videos too.

If you would like to find out more about video cards, how they can benefit your business or how we can record a series of videos for your cards then contact us on 0121 551 2079 or email us at

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