Filming The Coca-Cola Truck On It’s UK Tour

Filming The Coca

The Coca-Cola truck has become one of the most iconic parts of the build up to Christmas and our video production crew were on hand to film it as it made one of its stop offs in the West Midlands.  After a visit to Birmingham was postponed due to the heavy snow, the brightly lit and instantly recognisable Coca-Cola truck arrived in Coventry to be greeted by hundreds of shoppers and families in the city’s Broadgate Square.

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Emblazoned with the famous Santa Claus picture, the truck appeared for an eight hour stint allowing onlookers to take pictures and get a closer look at.  Working with the Business Improvement District who were responsible for bring the Coca-Cola truck to the city, our production team filmed all the proceedings and created a short social media video that the BID put out across their social media platforms.

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The truck was on view for one day only and our filming and subsequent social media video had the objective of promoting the activity that Coventry BID is doing for the people of the city as well as the shops and businesses that make up the membership of the Business Improvement District.  The video serves, unusually, as both a marketing video for internal and external stakeholders which the BID normally targets with different styles of video content.

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