Explainer Video For University of Birmingham

Explainer Video For University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham commissioned CMA Video to create an explainer video aimed at students in the medical and dental faculty to help with the preparation of the ideal CV. It was felt by the academy of medical sciences that using something like an explainer video would be more engaging with the target audience (18 to 24 year olds) and it would help to get some of the more complicated points across.

The nature of medical industry CVs means that they aren’t like a traditional CV and need to be laid out differently. In line with a regular CV however, they do still need to engage with the reader and some of the more common mistakes were also addressed in the video.

The format of the video featured students from the university asking the most common questions and academics and experts from the medical industry answering those questions with their opinions on how to construct the ideal CV. The question and answer format makes it slightly divert away from the traditional explainer video format as its not necessarily a straight forward talking head to camera with the question firstly being posed and the subject then answering.


The video is widely available through the university channels for students to access and it has also been shown and referred to in lectures. It was part of the wider Inspired project which also involved Warwick and Cambridge universities.

Explainer Video Work

Our explainer video portfolio comes in many different formats and they can be in different styles according to the type of video and the target audience.  Our work with Jangro saw us create these formal explainer videos to accompany the products that they sell while our video for 4Get Mobile was a simple how to use their app video.  We can tailor your video to the style that you or your viewers will need, please contact us for more information.

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